Warren Zenna

Founder & CEO The CRO Collective

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” – Aristotle

I provide a range of coaching services for individuals and teams.

Business Coaching

I typically work with one of these three targets:

Owners/Principals/Partners of Medium to Small businesses

These individuals are typically accomplished professionals who have accumulated mastery over... Read More

Sr Management at large or medium-sized Companies

Typically making up the middle-layer of organizations, these people have the dual challenge of both... Read More

Level Sales or Business Development people and Sales Teams

These are clients who sell products or services for a living... Read More


I possess a unique ability to solve complex individual and organizational communication problems.  

My approach is predicated on the idea that dysfunctional communication dynamics are at the root of most organizational challenges.

Communication issues are like viruses for businesses. Over time, they kill companies – stealthily. Virtually every single failed business can tie their downfall squarely on some type of communication problem. 

Hence, functional communication skills are the most profoundly important component of any successful organization. My coaching approach focuses squarely on the underlying behaviors, habits and core beliefs that form one’s communication aptitudes.


Sales is the Life Blood of any Organization

A successful Sales Organization is literally the heart of a company.  It stands to reason that organizations with dysfunctional sales strategies are suffering from life-threatening heart disease.


I have had the privilege of helping many professionals accomplish their goals.

“I have worked with Warren Zenna for many years now. I can attest to the fact that his direct, honest and forthright style isn’t for everybody…………but IS for those people who want to be successful. I have a better business, a happier family and a more fulfilling life because of my work with Warren.”.
David Turk
Owner and President
Indiana Market & Catering, New York City
“Warren was instrumental in helping me reassess my business and employees, and determine the necessary steps to continue to grow the business. His objective and experienced guidance was greatly appreciated, especially in a difficult and changing business environment.”
Pam Lawrence
Gibbes Bay Advisors LLC New York City