CRO Spotlight with Lupe Feld

I typically work with one of these three targets:

Careers today typically to spring from one platform to the next in quick succession. But when we leap are we missing opportunities to deliver truly extraordinary results?

In this episode of the CRO Spotlight, Warren and Lupe are joined by Monique Pintarelli, CRO at Teads. Reflect with her on what a 20 year/3 company career has taught her about consistently delivering results, how to be job-ready for your career next-step, and the importance of community (especially in roles with a close to 9:1 gender ratio).

In the growth-at-all-costs market today it can seem idealistic to want values at the forefront, but what if we can have both?

In this episode of the CRO Spotlight, Warren and Lupe are joined by senior advisor and board member Susan Sobbott. Spending 18 years of her career at American Express, Susan has a deep understanding of both what is usual, and what is important, when it comes to businesses balancing values and revenue.

Find out the question you should be asking at every job interview, how to shine values into a role even in an challenging environment, and the number one skill that will help you rise in your career.

An expert in payments with over 30 years experience, President of Worldwide Payment Services Oscar Munoz, has witnessed boundless change in how businesses pursue (and receive) their revenue.

This episode is foundational listening for all CROs and anyone CRO-adjacent, as Oscar covers: COVID-triggered revenue shifts, the two CRO types, the art of building diverse teams, six steps to winning in any c-suite role, and the how and why of breaking down revenue silos.

Join Warren and Lupe as they explore Oscar’s diverse, sometimes surprising, experiences, interests and talents, and discover why he values happiness, both at work and at home, above all else.

Join Warren and Lupe in welcoming their guest for this episode, Dave Norton. Currently CRO of Eltropy, Dave has played a role in the building four different unicorn companies in the tech space, as he followed his passion for growth.

This episode covers a lot of gem-laden ground including: exactly what a CRO is (and is not), the value of professional stubbed-toe moments, how to find the right C-Suite hire, a failproof three-step for bedding down executive relationships, when the right time is to make those hires, and just what’s so special about the Silicone Slopes of Utah.

The ideal career path for a Chief Revenue Officer is still hotly debated. But one thing is for sure: no matter who you put in the role, they need a very wide-angled lens.

In this inaugural episode of the CRO Spotlight podcast Warren Zenna and Lupe Feld are joined by CEO and Co-Founder of Sales IQ Global, Luigi Prestinenzi.